Plantation Shutters

Also known as Plantation Blinds, Plantation Shutters are at the top end of window furnishings and add great value to your home. With fabulous designs and a huge variety of styles available, we provide modern indoor plantation shutters that will blend seamlessly with every décor. Our Window Shutters come in a selection of Australian made PVC, Timber or Aluminium, and can be painted or stained in a variety of colours that will complement your décor.

Adding to this is a versatile selection of designs and shapes, allowing these shades to fit perfectly into many different locations. Plantation Shutter Blinds can also be made with many different blade sizes to suit your desired interior and style and are very easy to clean.

Indoor Shutter Blinds made from water resistant and durable PVC plastic, these Window Shutters make a great complement for any room where moisture is present. Available in light colours with 63mm or 89mm blades, these shutters and blinds make a perfect addition for any kitchen and bathroom.

Our Timber Plantation Shutters are guaranteed to provide an elegant touch to your home! These beautiful interior shutters are available in both light and dark colours with 63mm and 89mm blades, and they make an excellent addition to any room in your home.

Our external aluminium shutters combine usability and elegance for any outdoor area. These outdoor plantation shutters are a perfect addition for any patio area, letting a cool breeze pass through, yet providing shade from the sun. These Outdoor Shutters come with 89mm blades and can be painted in your choice of colours.

Sliding door plantation shutters are an excellent choice for any cupboard area. These shutters can not only add a unique and sophisticated look to any room, the horizontal sliding door mechanism is well suited for any area where opening conventional doors may be a hassle.

Bi Fold Plantation Shutters make a wonderful addition to any home. These shutters can be used for extra wide openings, allowing you to add a door where you normally couldn’t. With their classic and cultured look, they can also be used to hide unsightly screen doors, giving your home the elegant style you want.